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State of the art anaesthesia

We have invested heavily in advanced anaesthetic drugs, training and monitoring equipment to ensure that your pet’s anaesthetic is as safe as possible.

Blood pressure, pulse oximetry and capnography are standard practice for all but the very shortest of procedures at all of our centres offering anaesthesia.

Most importantly, all our patients have a trained dedicated anaesthesia nurse assigned to them to provide continual ‘finger on the pulse’ monitoring throughout the anaesthesia & recovery periods. Together with the veterinary surgeon, their only role is to ensure the safety of your pet's anaesthetic.

Paula Bagshaw-Wright has achieved the nursing Certificate in Anaesthesia and Critical Care (NCert. A&CC)). As Woodcroft Vets' Head of Anaesthesia, Paula’s experience and knowledge are pivotal to our commitment to ensure that all of our patients are anaesthetised as safely as possible.  Paula is responsible for teaching our veterinary nurses. In this way, all of our veterinary nurses benefit from Paula’s additional advanced training and expertise.

This level of care is well above the industry standard.

Download our anaesthesia brochure for more information.

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