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Behavioural clinics

Overlapping with our puppy and kitten clinics, these clinics are also suitable for adult dogs and cats. Our nurses can provide basic advice covering a range of different behavioural issues. Noise phobias and separation anxiety are not uncommon and fortunately, there are some simple solutions.  We can provide tips for successful toilet training and recommendations for introducing new pets to your home environment.  If your puppy is a ‘chewer’ help is at hand.

We recommend Kong training & behavioural aids for dogs and cats. Numerous helpful videos can be viewed by clicking this link.

Finally, if your pet has a more serious behavioural issue our nurses may refer you to our pet behaviouralist, Patricia Connolly. Patricia is one of our consultant veterinary surgeons and accepts referral cases from veterinary practices all over the Northwest of England. Patricia is very experienced and uses the latest reward based training methods.

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