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Rabbit Clinics

Rabbits make great pets for both the young and old and are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. All those of us who have cared for a rabbit understand the long term commitment involved, as they can live for as long as 10 years. We believe good preventative health care is the best way to ensure your rabbit gets the most out of life. To help you care for your rabbit, our nurses are on hand to provide all the advice you need.

Our nurses can provide lots of health care tips covering a range of different aspects of rabbit husbandry e.g. diet, bedding and housing. We can discuss the right time to have your rabbit neutered as well as recommend a suitable vaccination protocol. Rabbits are at risk from parasitic infections (e.g. Encephalitozoon Cuniculi, Fly Strike, fleas) and our nurses can discuss the different preventative measures available.

Our rabbit clinics are provided at no charge and are available at Offerton, Handforth, Heaton Moor and Cheadle veterinary centres.

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