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Senior pet clinics

With advances in veterinary health care and high quality, health oriented life-stage diets, our pets are living longer. In order to give them as long and as happy an old age as possible, it is essential to recognise and treat age-related health problems. In human medicine, it has long been recognised that the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of age related health problems benefits from regular screening for diseases that are common in old age.

At Woodcroft Vets we are convinced that targeted health screening of older pets will help us to identify and treat problems earlier, alleviating suffering and improving your pet's lives. However, we are also aware that, with the added expense of increasing insurance premiums as your pets age, extra veterinary costs are an unwanted burden, likely to discourage uptake of preventative medicine.

Our answer is to offer free of charge senior pet clinics. These will be run by our experienced, qualified Registered Veterinary Nurses, working alongside the veterinary surgeon scheduled to give your pet their booster vaccination. Ideally, your senior pet clinic will run consecutively with a booster vaccination appointment, in order to avoid the need for an extra visit.

The senior pet clinic consists of a health questionnaire that you will fill in with the help of the nurse. A sample pot is supplied so that you can collect a urine sample for analysis. Your pet’s blood pressure will be measured. A “dry eye” test may be performed. The nurse can clip your pet’s nails and discuss parasite control, diet and any concerns you may have.

When you move on to see your vet for a booster vaccination, they will already have the results from blood pressure and urine testing; they will have read your questionnaire and will be able to deal effectively with any issues that have been highlighted. The veterinary appointment will be twice as long as a normal booster vaccination, for no extra charge, in order that all your pet’s health and ageing issues can be discussed in detail.

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