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Weight and dietary advice

Informative image: fat dog prior to weight loss clinicWe are all too aware that being overweight can have a negative effect on our health. Overweight pets are at risk from many of the same diseases that we are. Diabetes and joint pain are more common in overweight pets, as are the risks associated with general anaesthesia. Our weight clinics are designed to help your pet to lose weight and gain a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Each patient's needs are assessed individually and a personalised and targeted program is designed that takes into account your pet's age, current and target weight, body condition score, pre-existing medical history and lifestyle. Tailored exercise regimes and special calorie controlled diets are usually employed. Our nurses are available to help and support you every step of the way. To ensure that your pet loses weight as safely as possible we recommend attendance at our weight clinics every 2-4 weeks.

Bow, pictured here at her heaviest, and again after reaching her target weight, attended our nurse clinics and had such a  successful weight loss story that she was featured on the Royal Canin calendar!

Our weight clinics are particularly helpful for young animals that have recently been neutered. Neutered animals need less energy and weight gain often ensues. With the right advice, this problem can be avoided. We recommend that your pet attends one of our nurse clinics soon after the spay or castration sutures are removed and then every 3 months.

As well as weight loss, our nurses can also help with other dietary issues. Older pets and puppies & kittens have different dietary requirements. We can advise you about the best diet for your pet’s ‘life stage’.

Many common medical conditions & age related problems are managed with specific diets in combination with drug therapy. Our nurses & vets work together to ensure your pet receives the best dietary advice according to individual needs.

We work closely with Royal Canin and stock a full range of life stage and prescription diets at all of our branches.

Our weight clinics are held at Cheadle, Handforth, Offerton and Heaton Moor. If you are concerned that your pet is overweight, or would simply like us to pop them on the scales to see how they are doing, then please contact a branch to make a nurse appointment.

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