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Free Nurse Consultation for all newly registered Puppies & Kittens

At Woodcroft Vets we know how exciting the arrival of a new puppy or kitten can be. However, we also understand getting a new pet can be a time of uncertainty. Many new pet owners have lots of questions and getting the right advice is vital for making the very best start. For instance, what should I feed my puppy or kitten and how often? How do I toilet/litter train my puppy/kitten? When should I start the vaccination course? What about insurance? When should I worm my kitten or puppy? Should I have a microchip implanted? The list goes on.......


Happily help is at hand. At Woodcroft Vets we would like to welcome you to any one of our 6 veterinary practices  across Stockport & Wilmslow where we can provide all the advice you need. To help smooth the settling in period for you & your new companion we offer a free no obligation examination with one of our qualified veterinary nurses. Vaccinated pets are automatically members of Woodcroft Vets' exclusive Pet Club: benefits include free, monthly, one to one clinics with a qualified veterinary nurse and free attendance at one of our puppy socialisation classes.

For more information on why we feel Woodcroft Vets is best for pets please click the link.

We look forward to seeing you soon. To book an appointment for one of these free clinics please contact  a member of our team.

Free nurse Puppy or Kitten checks only apply to owners with new pets, sorry not breeders. 

Free examination for nurse clinics only: normal fees apply for examinations performed by veterinary surgeons.

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