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Gold standard puppy & kitten vaccination programs


Our vaccine programs are different. We take time to discuss all aspects of your pet’s care to ensure you get all the best advice and support you need. As with other veterinary practices, a full head to toe health examination and primary vaccination course to protect against fatal diseases are included. In addition, we give you membership to our exclusive Pet Club*, which amongst other things entitles you to a free dog lead, free unlimited access to nurse clinics and free processing of direct insurance claims (click the link for more information), 20% off the cost of early neutering, a voucher for free Royal Canin food, a free microchip, a free veterinary wormer at the 1st vaccination followed by a free veterinary spot-on pipette (for fleas & lungworm) at the 2nd vaccination, pet toothpaste and an adolescent health check at 6 months of age. A bespoke written health check list will be provided. Best practice preventative health care and insurance  will be discussed. 

All kittens and puppies vaccinated by Woodcroft Vets are encouraged to attend one of our free nurse clinics. Puppies & kittens can attend on a monthly basis until 6 months of age and then every 3 months until their first booster. During these one to one sessions there will be ample opportunity to ask further questions. Our nurses can provide additional advice on diet, dental care, lungworm, neutering & insurance as well as the latest methods of worming and flea control. If necessary, we can also administer the most appropriate treatment as well. With regular visits our nurses can help you stay on top of your pet’s development, as well as build a bond with you and your pet, making subsequent veterinary visits less problematic. 

We believe that our commitment to you and your new pet should continue long after the primary vaccination course ends. We hope to provide the right support throughout your pet's life, with special emphasis on the most important, first 12 months. We hope you will be able to visit one of our six first opinion centres across Stockport and Wilmslow to allow us to start caring for your new puppy or kitten.

If you have a new puppy,  we believe that good socialisation from an early age is an important first step. Our gold standard puppy program includes an initial extended 30min consultation to provide all the behavioural advice you need to make the very best start. In addition to the benefits discussed above, our puppy program includes a ‘Sounds For Life’ CD to reduce the risk of noise phobias later in life as well as a support manual written by our consultant in veterinary behavioural medicine to help socialise your puppy to the best of our ability (click for a sample copy). Attendance at our exceptional socialisation classes by you and your puppy is encouraged.

For a quick summary of our Vaccination and Pet Club details please download our handy leaflet - "Benefits of being vaccinated with Woodcroft Vets"

*Terms and conditions apply

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