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Happy patients recover quicker

Woodcroft vets take a proactive approach to all aspects of patient care: prevention is better than cure. We have adopted several working practices to avoid or relieve stress in our patients from preventing noise phobias to reducing the anxiety associated with vet visits and hospitalisation.

For vet visits, all staff will ensure your pet is happy and calm. All clinics have ‘treat stations’ and we love to reward your pet during the visit with praise and food.

Woodcroft vets’ Queens Road Veterinary Hospital and brand new state of the art clinic in Cheadle have separate cat and dog waiting areas, reducing anxiety for our feline patients. Both have separate cat and dog hospitalisation wards utilising pheromone therapy to reduce stress levels for in-patients.

Woodcroft vets believe that good puppy socialisation is an important first step for you and your new arrival. Our gold standard vaccination program has many advantages including an extended consultation to ensure you are happy with all aspects of your puppy’s behaviour and training. In addition, we give you a ‘Sounds For Life’ CD to help prevent noise phobias and a training manual, written by our veterinary behaviouralist, to help socialise your puppy. You and your puppy are encouraged to attend our exclusive puppy parties.

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