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Outstanding diagnostic & surgical tools

We firmly believe that substantial investment in practice equipment is essential to meet the ongoing demands of modern veterinary practice and patient care. From blood pressure to blood transfusion, CT scanning to cataract surgery or digital radiography to Doppler ultrasound, we are able to offer the best medical treatment to all of our patients. 

We are able to offer high levels of routine equipment including:

We also have equipment only found in specialised practices:

  • MRI and CT scanning 
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Hydrotherapy unit
  • Digital radiography
  • Dental radiography
  • Holter and event cardiac monitoring
  • Seven ultrasound scanning machines and suitable probes for imaging anywhere from the eye to the heart
  • Fibre optic video endoscopes for internal investigations
  • Blood transfusion and cross matching facilities (blood bank)
  • Tonometric glaucoma assessment
  • Electroretinography to assess retinal function
  • Phacoemulsification for cataract surgery
  • Arthroscopy for keyhole joint investigations
  • Facilities for spinal surgery and complex fracture fixation
  • Surgical kits for repair of joint injuries
  • Laparoscopic (or 'Key Hole') chest and abdominal surgery e.g. Key Hole Spay Surgery

We are amongst the best equipped private practices in the country and aim to deal with your pet’s illness promptly, efficiently and sympathetically.

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