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Basil The Brave

We just love a happy ending here at Woodcroft. This handsome little fellow is Basil, who was taken into our Handforth branch by a kind gentleman called Simon last week, after being found wandering around Wilmslow looking a little lost.

Our Handforth team were on hand with scanners at the ready in the hope that he was microchipped and thankfully he was! We were able to ring his owner who raced down to the surgery to be re-united with her four-legged friend.

Now as if that isn't a great story in itself, there's more! Basil is very familiar to us as Woodcroft! This little dog certainly has some "tails" to tell, so we'd like to share a little bit of his story with you.

This poor little cross-breed was cruelly thrown from a car in Middlewich around 8 years ago. A very kind shopkeeper allowed him to live in his doorway for a few days, but it soon became apparent that nobody was going to come forward and claim him as their own.

New Years Eve approached and it was looking like he was going to spend the New Year alone and cold. Until he met Karen. Karen, not put-off by his long scruffy coat and bushy tail was quite taken to this fox-like creature and named him Basil, after Basil Brush. A big animal-lover, she decided that she couldn't possibly leave him there and with a make shift lead made of rope, she bundled him into her husband Nigel's brand new BMW car and took him home. Imagine her husband's dismay when he saw his brand new leather interior covered in dog-hair and blood stains from Basil's many cuts and bruises! He was a little, shall we say, cross and would not allow Basil to stay!

Karen thought that she would have start making plans to find Basil a new home. But he had other ideas! Karen returned to find her husband hand-feeding Basil bits of ham and knew then that they had a new addition to the family.

She got Basil the help he needed - he was suffering from internal injuries, cuts and bruises but with a little TLC he made a great recovery. Karen also treated to him to a haircut, surprised to find the beautiful little black & tan crossbreed with his fabulous eyebrows beneath the mass of fur and fox-tail! Karen also treated Basil to a new collar from the Kenyan Simba range, making the 2.5 hour train ride to Aberdovey, specially - with proceeds being donated to African children. As a thank you the charity nick-named Basil "Basil The Brave" on their website.

Well he certainly lived up to this nick-name last week! Imagine Karen's distress when she found that he'd gone missing. Courageous Basil had somehow found his way from Cheadle Hulme to Wilmslow! His time living as a stray all that time ago has clearly made him a streetwise little chap - thank goodness  Karen had gotten him micro-chipped. It just goes to show how important it is! Microchipping really can reunite you with your lost pet as Karen and Basil found out last week.


Basil can be seen here with Simon who found him wandering in Wilmslow, Collette from our Handforth surgery and his owner Karen after they were reunited.

Thanks so much to Karen Morgan Challinor for allowing us to share Basil's story.

27th February 2015

It is with great sadness that we report to you all that Basil was struggling with his battle with cancer, and a few weeks ago his owner made the very difficult decision to have Basil put to sleep. Our thoughts are with Karen and the family at this very sad time.

You can find more advice and support on the topic of pet euthanasia on our euthanasia & bereavement pages.

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