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Gone in a Flash!

This handsome Labrador had a little adventure recently, when he managed to escape from his garden in Sale Moor.

Being a Labrador we can only assume he went off in search of food!

He escaped in the early hours of Tuesday morning and made his way towards Northenden. He was then picked up by a commuter who noticed him wandering around. This kind passer by brought him to our Handforth branch, as the surgery was on his way to work. It all happened very quickly - he escaped, was picked up by a stranger and brought to us - all within the space of a couple of hours!

The dogs name, quite appropriately was...... Flash!

The first thing we did was scan him to see if he had a microchip, and nurses were relieved to hear the satisfactory ‘beep’ of a chip being found. We then rang Petlog - the national pet register database. We told them the microchip number and they confirmed who he was & who he belonged to together with his owner's contact details. We rang his owner straight away who was delighted he had been found and was safe and sound. She had been panicking as Flash wasn’t the most road-wise of dogs!

Microchipping is a very important procedure to have done to your pet. The chips are as small as a grain of rice and are inserted under the skin of the pet by a simple injection. If every stray animal we had come through our doors was chipped, it would make the situation a lot less stressful for pets and their owners. Sadly, we are unable to trace many owners, especially those of cats. In 2015 it will become compulsory to have your dog microchipped and we hope that other species will follow in future years.

We would also like to stress the importance of keeping your pet's details up to date with Petlog! Please remember to update your Petlog details should you move house or change your telephone contact details. Feel free to contact a member of our veterinary team should you need any help with this small, but important task.

Thank you to Flash’s owner, Mim, for allowing us to share his story. Flash was such a good boy whilst he was with us and we were happy to reunite him with Mim.

Finally, all pets, who have up to date vaccinations administered by Woodcroft Vets are now entitled to a free microchip! Ask at your next appointment!

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