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JT - the courageous chemo cat!

Meet JT. He is a very special patient who has been through a lot and has been extremely brave.

In 2012 JT's owner noticed that his breathing was not normal and he was having trouble swallowing. After having X-rays, ultrasounds and a series of other tests he was unfortunately diagnosed with having cancer. This was understandably terrible news for his owners and a very sad time for all involved.

With no treatment JT was only expected to have 6 months left to live, but with treatment and chemotherapy, we were hopeful to give him up to one and a half years. 

So here we are today two years on and wonderfully JT is doing really well. His latest X-rays have shown us that the tumour has gone and that he is in remission!

To stay fit and well JT will still have to have monthly treatments of chemotherapy but the future is definitely bright for this very special boy. JT is a very fortunate cat not least because he was fully insured by a "covered for life" insurance policy prior to becoming ill. This means that all his treatment is covered and there are no financial restrictions on his treatment. To date, JT's costs relating to his illness are over £8700!

Offerton's Head Nurse Georgia Woods says:

"I always look forward to seeing JT. I am also very lucky to be counted among his very few approved and preferred members of staff. I always make sure I have lots of non-treatment time with him giving me lots of cuddles and trust building time. This means that we do not need to restrain him in anything other than a cuddle for his treatment. This is so important for cats with long term illness. The bond works both ways and it's because of cats like JT I love my job so much."

Well done JT you really are a courageous pet!

Thanks to his owner for allowing us to share his story.

Here he is on a typical day, having his chemotherapy. Cats and dogs unlike humans don't have the terrible side effects from the chemotherapy so JT's life and normal routines are not too interrupted.

Enjoying a well earned meal after his treatment.

Cuddles with nurse Georgia!

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