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Millie bounces back!

Millie Williams is a wonderful little dog who has undergone a grand total of 7 procedures in the first 10 months of her life.  Her owner noticed when she was just 5 months old that she was reluctant to jump up and that she often hopped on her hind limbs like a rabbit when running.  Millie had bilateral laterally luxating patella which meant that her knee caps dislocated sideways and she struggled to walk, jump up or stand for any length of time. The condition was obviously painful for her and hindered her to such an extent that she couldn't do the things that normal puppies do. 

Millie had x-rays initially to confirm our findings and then went on to have a CT scan at our Queens Road Hospital for more advanced imaging, this helped us tailor the surgery to her needs.

In October last year she underwent her first surgery which corrected the deformity of her left leg. She bounced back so quickly from the operation that just 4 weeks later we performed surgery on her right leg.

Over the weeks that followed Millie recovered at home with rest and a physiotherapy regime for her owners to follow.  She was making fantastic progress and her follow up x-rays one month and two months  after surgery showed that the surgery had been a success.  From there she had regular check ups with Veterinary Nurse Zoe at Cheadle Veterinary Centre and the physiotherapy plans were adapted to keep up with her.

Her muscles had wasted due to lack of use so we loaned Millie a Muscle Stimulator machine which her owners used daily at home. This along with daily exercises using low hurdles and dancing on her back legs had her up and about in no time.

Her owners have done a brilliant job following all of the physiotherapy and exercise plans and her speedy recovery has been helped by their hard work and dedication. Millie truly is a little star, she is a firm favourite of the nurses and still wags her tail when she comes to the surgery despite everything she has been through.

After 5 months of rest Millie has been loving her daily walks, as have her owners!

Thank you to Millie's owners for allowing us to share her story.

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