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Molly was a sight for sore eyes...

Informative image: Springer spaniel recovered from surgeryThis is Molly, a 1 year old English Springer Spaniel, who developed a really sore eye after playing in the garden one evening.

Her owners made an appointment at our Handforth Centre where one of our veterinary surgeons examined the eye. Due to the severity of the injury, the veterinary surgeon was concerned that Molly's vision could be affected and arranged for Molly to be seen urgently by one of our consultant ophthalmologists at our Cheadle Hulme Veterinary Hospital.

On close examination, by our ophthalmologist, it was found she had a deep corneal laceration and a big piece of loose, swollen corneal tissue hanging off.

She was taken to surgery urgently and the damaged corneal tissue had to be trimmed off. The eye was very close to rupturing so a graft was created, using her own conjunctival tissue and this was stitched over the compromised area to provide support and bring a blood supply into the tissue to aid healing.

The surgery was successful and after several check ups with the ophthalmogist to ensure the eye was healing properly, Molly was discharged with her vision in tact!

Thank you to Molly's owners for allowing us to share her story.

Informative image: Springer spaniel with corneal damage

This is Molly’s injured eye (with green stain highlighting the flap of loose tissue).

Informative image: Springer spaniel following ophthalmology surgery

Molly's eye two weeks later - looking very comfortable with a visual eye.

Fortunately for Molly, she was insured, and her owners knew that we could offer Molly the best possible treatment without worrying about the cost. It just goes to show how easily accidents can happen! If you would like more information on the benefits of pet insurance, please visit our Pet Health Insurance page.

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