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More than just a dental for Jimmy...

Our latest courageous pet is an 18 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Jimmy.

Jimmy was referred to our A+E team in Cheadle Hulme by his own vets after his owners noticed bleeding from his mouth. At first they suspected a stick injury as Jimmy had been chewing on a stick whilst playing in the garden, but further investigations revealed that he had fractured his upper right 4th premolar which had to be removed under general anaesthetic.

Following extraction however, Jimmy’s tooth socket continued to bleed and did not seem to be clotting normally. Jimmy appeared lethargic and was brought to our Cheadle Hulme hospital for further tests. In house blood tests performed in our on-site laboratory revealed that Jimmy was anaemic as a result of the blood loss, his red PCV (packed cell volume) was only 33% and his coagulation results showed that his blood was not clotting as quickly as it should.

Numerous attempts to stem the bleeding were unsuccessful and the hospital vet, suspecting an underlying cause for this, requested an in-house angio snap-test to be performed which tested positive for Angiostrongylus vasorum (lungworm).

Though many people assume that lungworm only causes lung-disease, symptoms of this life threatening parasite can be varied and include, coughing, tiring easily, weight loss, poor appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive bleeding from minor wounds and seizures.* It was almost certainly the cause of Jimmy’s excessive bleeding from his tooth socket.

Jimmy was to start on a treatment of Advocate for lungworm, but the bleeding from his mouth continued to be a problem and his pulse had become weaker. His red blood cell count had dropped dangerously low to just 12%.It was decided that Jimmy needed both a plasma transfusion to deliver coagulation properties to help stem the bleeding and also a blood transfusion to treat his anaemia and increase his red blood cells.

In total Jimmy needed 2 plasma transfusions and a blood transfusion, and needed to stay in our A+E hospital for a few days. We are pleased to report that he was successfully treated for his lungworm condition, he went on to make a full recovery!

Jimmy's tooth socket continued to bleed despite attempts to try and stem the blood loss.

His anaemia required a blood transfusion and a stay in our A+E hospital, plus 2 plasma transfusions to help aid his coagulation.


Thank you to Jimmy’s owners for allowing us to share his story.

*To prevent lungworm, we recommend a monthly spot-on treatment of a multi-parasite prevention product which offers lungworm protection. All puppies who have their vaccinations with us receive a dose FREE of charge at their second vaccination as part of our Pet Club, to give them the best possible start in life. Please ask for more details

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