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Our Brave Blood Donors!

You may be aware that at Woodcroft Vets we are a proud sponsor of the charity Pet Blood Bank UK, which is a not for profit organisation responsible for the collection and distribution of lifesaving blood products to dogs throughout the UK.

As blood supplies often run short, we hold regular collection sessions at our Cheadle Veterinary Centre where any eligible dogs can register to come along and donate blood. So far these sessions have been really successful, helping the Pet Blood Bank top up their blood supplies and in turn helping vets around the country save lives.

As a thank you to the brave dogs and their owners who give up their time to visit our collection sessions we thought we'd create this wall of fame and introduce some of the dogs who have donated blood so far.

May 2017 - Fantastic to see some new faces! Thank you to all of our hero donors, with a special thank you to Skye for reaching an amazing 10 donations! That's potentially 40 dogs that have been saved thanks to Skye!

Albert's 1st Donation!





Sausage - 1st donation!



Skye - 10 donations!

January 2017 - We start the new year with lots of new donors! Welcome to the pack!

Brett's 1st donation


Monty's 1st donation


Max's final donation

Oscar's 1st donation




It's great to see so many familiar faces returning to donate blood, a big thank you to our new donors too.

By donating a unit of blood, your dog can help save the life of up to four critically ill dogs and is truly giving the gift of life to others.

Potential donors must meet a list of qualifying criteria - for more information see details on our blood donor webpage, or visit the Pet Blood Bank site.

To view all of the brave blood donors from previous years, please click the link:

Blood Donor Wall of Fame  (2013 - 2016)

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