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Pablo's gift to Onion.

Onion, a very cute ten year old cat, recently received a blood transfusion at Woodcroft Vets. Onion visited Woodcroft Vets late last year and was seen by Donald Wiggins at our new state of the art clinic in Cheadle. Onion had been vomiting blood, causing her to become anaemic and very weak.  Worryingly, Onion’s only chance of survival was an operation. However, Donald didn’t think she was strong enough to survive the necessary anaesthetic.

Onion - although camera shy, is recovering well.

Life saving blood transfusions are regularly employed at Woodcroft Vets.

Enter Pablo, Donald’s own, equally cute, ginger tom. Pablo ‘stepped into the breach’ and very bravely donated a small amount of his own blood to help Onion. Once Onion had received the blood, she immediately showed signs of improvement. She was much stronger and better able to cope with the demands of surgery and anaesthesia. The biopsies taken during the operation showed that Onion was suffering from a serious disease. Happily, a specific treatment was available and Onion went on to make a good recovery. Three months later Onion is back to her best and is no longer anaemic.

Thanks to Onion and her owner for allowing us to share their story. Last, but not least, thanks to Pablo  for being such a brave blood donor.

Pablo relaxes with his brother Binka after giving blood.

We would be very pleased to accept more of our registered pets, especially cats, onto our blood donor program. All donors must be healthy, not on any medications and up to date with their inoculations. Donor pets should be between 1 and 8 years of age and not have travelled outside the UK. Cats should weigh more than 4kg, whilst dogs should be more than 25kg. Finally, and most importantly, potential donor pets should like visiting the vets. Luckily, Pablo loves coming to the hospital. He loves the fuss and attention.

Although there are some small risks associated with donating blood, complications are rare. We pride ourselves on the meticulous care we give all our patients, especially those that donate blood and help us to save the life of a much loved pet.

If you would like more information about helping your pet to become a blood donor, and the rewards involved, please contact our hospital for more information (0161 486 2399).

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