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Samson ate some metal pegs!

Samson started to be sick and his owner was quite right to be worried when she noticed pieces of plastic in the material he brought up. Although Samson was hungry and tried to eat, nothing would stay down and on the fourth day he was brought into Cheadle Hulme A&E Vets (Woodcroft Vets’ emergency clinic) for further investigations and treatment. An x-ray confirmed that he had swallowed some metallic rings and it was most unlikely that they would pass through his intestines unaided. 

Samson’s owner remembered that he had been chewing on a plastic peg rack the week before the sickness started so it came as no surprise when some chewed up pegs were found in his stomach during surgery. What surprised us all was the number of pegs and amount of plastic material that Samson had swallowed; around a dozen pegs and metal rings along with several lengths of plastic chain! All the objects were sitting in his stomach at surgery and none had entered his small intestine.

Plastic and metal retrieved from Samson’s stomach at surgery

Samson recovering after his surgery

An x-ray of Samson showing metal rings in his stomach

It remains a mystery why some dogs chew and swallow non-food items. Fortunately with prompt diagnosis and surgery, Samson is on the way to making a full recovery. Occasionally some small foreign bodies can be retrieved from the stomach via the oesophagus (food pipe) using our video endoscope. However, the rings in Samson’s stomach looked too big to  remove safely using this technique. 

Finally, thanks to Samson's owners for agreeing to share his story with us.

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