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Sasha is overcoming her fears!

Sasha, a 10 month old German Shepherd, was recently rescued by her new owner,  Mrs Thompson. It was difficult for Sasha's first owner to help with her socialisation due to work commitments. She was very frightened of her new environment. Her fear would often cause her to lunge and bark at strangers and large vehicles such as buses. Imagine how anxious she must have been encountering all these new sensations. 

Luckily her new owner was keen to help Sasha settle into her new home and sought advice from our veterinary behaviourist, Patricia Connolly. Patricia observed Sasha's behaviour and was able to give Mrs Thompson a plan to follow with some training tips. At home, Mrs Thompson was able to put all this advice into practice.

Some of our qualified nurses were also keen to help by visiting Sasha in her own home.  Nurses Annie Smedley, Emma Priestly and Kierann Spence have been pretending to be "strangers", approaching Sasha and gaining her trust with treats whilst helping her to overcome her fears.

Six weeks into her training we are so proud of how well Sasha is doing! She is already able to approach the "strangers", allow them to stroke her and will even now shake paws!

Keep up the good work Sasha!

Thank you to Mrs Thompson for allowing us to share Sasha's story with you.

For more information on our puppy socialisation program click our link.

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