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Bow is a weight clinic winner!

Bow first came to the nurse weight clinics in July 2013 after her owner had noticed she had been putting on weight.

She weighed 44.8kgs at her heaviest and carrying this much excess weight can contribute to a number of health issues for pets, including heart and joint problems.

One of our weight clinic nurses, Vicky, started Bow on Royal Canin's obesity diet and thanks to a very dedicated family she took to her new lifestyle very easily and we were soon seeing fantastic results!

Bow came to see nurse Vicky every 2 weeks who kept a careful eye on her weight loss and over a 12 month period she managed to lose a whopping 14.3kgs, which is 32% of her total bodyweight - an amazing achievement for her and her family!

Bow's transformation was so fantastic that her owner and Vicky decided to enter her into the Royal Canin Weigh in Club competition 2014 which is a national competition for animals that have achieved great weight loss and quality of life improvements.

We are all very proud to say that Bow was one of 12 winners nationally that are now featured in the Royal Canin 2015 calendar!

Informative image: fat dog prior to weight loss clinic

Bow, seen above at her heaviest, has achieved amazing weight loss results with our weight clinics and help from her dedicated owners.

Her new trim figure and improvements to her lifestyle have made her a worthy winner!


Congratulations to Bow and her mum for all of their fantastic hard work!

Our nurse weight clinics can make a real difference to your pet's quality of life, but don't just take our word for it - read Bow's story as written by her owner -  "The Shrinking Bow"

All of our nurse clinics, including the weight loss clinics are FREE for any Woodcroft Pet Club members - that is any dog, cat or rabbit who has an up-to-date vaccination with Woodcroft.

If you are concerned about your pet's weight please call your nearest branch to discuss making an appointment. We offer nurse clinics at our Cheadle, Offerton, Heaton Moor and Handforth centres.

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