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Pet Blood Bank - Donors needed!

We are a proud sponsor of the charity Pet Blood Bank UK, which is a not for profit organisation responsible for the collection and distribution of lifesaving blood products to dogs throughout the UK.

After many successful blood drives since 2013, we will be continuing to host more blood collection sessions at our Cheadle Veterinary Centre throughout 2017/18. In the past we have highlighted the importance of blood donors in the local press. To run a successful session we need canine blood donors that meet the following criteria:

Dogs should:

  • be aged between one and eight years old
  • weigh more than 25kg
  • have a good temperament
  • never have travelled abroad
  • be up to date on all vaccinations
  • be fit and healthy
  • not be on any medication

We fully appreciate that making the decision to allow your dog to give blood is something that takes time and careful consideration. We can assure you that at all times during the donor session your pet’s happiness and comfort is our main concern and they will be accompanied by trained Veterinary Nurses at all times. 

At Woodcroft Vets we regularly use blood products to help our patients. We know from first hand experience that stocks of blood at the Pet Blood bank can run short. We try to stock blood at all times so it is always available. We understand that allowing your dog to donate blood involves your precious time. Rest assured all blood donated will be used for maximal effect to save other dog's lives.

You can find out more about the charity and watch a small video clip of a dog giving blood by clicking the link and visiting their website..

By donating a unit of blood, your dog can help save the life of up to four critically ill dogs and is truly giving the gift of life to others. We also feature all donors on our Blood Donor wall of fame!

The date for our next collection sessions will be uploaded soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in your dog becoming a donor, please call the Pet Blood Bank on 01509 232222, or register online. They will then contact you to discuss in more detail what happens at a session and answer any questions you may have. Pet Blood Bank have asked us to assure you that by agreeing to talk to them does not mean you are under any obligation to register your dog as a donor.

Unfortunately, for several reasons there is no such provision for cats. We fully appreciate that cats need blood too. Therefore, in addition to these 'one off' collecting sessions for dogs, we also maintain an active register of clients and their cats (and dogs) that are willing to donate blood as it is needed. For cats we rely completely on our own feline blood donors. We only have a small number of donor cats on our feline register and they are predominantly staff pets.

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