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'Client Care Survey' Results

Once again, we'd like to say a massive "thank you" to all of our clients who completed the 'client care survey' towards the end of last year.

The whole team at Woodcroft Vets recently developed a 'client pledge', defined as: “Our team is here to listen to you and to provide the necessary, caring support you and your pets deserve. We pride ourselves on providing an accessible, customer focused, clinically excellent service, 24/7”. These service aims and others were tested with the 'client care survey'. 147 responses were collated and analysed.

What service areas were we good at?


  • 98% of people think we gave them and their pets an excellent or very good welcome on arrival
  • 98% of vets and nurses put clients at ease
  • 96% of clients felt we showed care and concern for their pet


  • 94% of clients thought vets and nurses listened well to their concerns


  • 95% of clients are satisfied with the cleanliness of the front of house and consulting room areas

Clinical excellence

  • 97% felt we performed a thorough exam of their pet

Supporting our clients

  • 97% of clients felt we explained things well (e.g. diagnosis and treatment options)
  • 91% of clients felt involved in the clinical decision making
  • 96% of clients felt we showed care and concern for their pet

Telephone appointment system

  • 96% of clients think it is easy to get through on the phone
  • 96% of clients think front of house staff provided helpful advice on the phone


  • 95% of clients think our appointment systems are accessible and convenient to book based on their own work schedules 

What can we be better at?

  • 15% of people waited longer than 10 minutes for their appointment. We try to keep waiting times to a minimum. However, sometimes we do over run for clinical reasons or outside influences e.g. local traffic problems delaying some clients.
  • When there was a significant wait only 70% of people felt we were good at keeping people up to date as to why there was a wait - this point is being addressed - we recognise that keeping clients informed is important.
  • 15% of clients didn’t get estimates for the treatment involved - this point is also being addressed - again we recognise that all clients need to receive an accurate estimate for any treatment received.

Moving forward

We identified additional training as the most effective way to ensure that our ‘client pledge’ is achieved at all times. The results of the survey were encouraging, but, as with many service providers, we recognise that we can always improve. We therefore embarked on an additional program of professional development for all team members.

1. General staff meetings focused on customer care

We held 2 practice wide staff meetings in January to follow the similar meetings held 12 months earlier. At the meetings we used actors and role-play scenarios to highlight how we can improve our service to you and your pet. All staff members enjoyed the experience, noting several ways to improve the service we offer.

2. Clinical training

As part of our RCVS obligations, all clinical team members regularly undergo continuing clinical professional development. As part of a voluntary practice accreditation process, the RCVS (who regulate the veterinary profession) audits all our veterinary surgeons to guarantee that they regularly undertake additional training & education to ensure that all our patients receive the best care at all times. This voluntary audit process is completed in less than 170 practices, out of approximately 5000, across the UK.

3. Small group teaching

'Reducing waiting times',  'keeping our clients updated' if there was a wait and 'fee estimates' were addressed using internal memos and departmental meetings.

4. Communications coaches

We have appointed 4 communications coaches throughout the practice. These coaches will be responsible for the ongoing customer care training of all staff members. We felt this continual process needed ongoing supervision, rather than intermittent yearly staff meetings.

Finally, thank you to everyone who took the time to write extra comments - they were overwhelmingly positive with many of you using the space to simply offer kind words of thanks. We also identified a handful of negative comments. Each of these comments has been digested and fed back into our operating practices. Comments written by you, expressing how you think we can improve the service offered by Woodcroft Vets, have proved invaluable.

Kind regards, 

Woodcroft Vets

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