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Vaccination Amnesty

We all know how easy it is to miss a booster reminder or simply forget. However, if your dog or cat is more than 15 months behind with their vaccinations, they may now be left unprotected against potentially serious infectious diseases.  Unfortunately they will need a full course of vaccination (2 injections) to restore good immunity cover.

Throughout the month of May 2017 we’re offering that complete full course for the same cost as a single booster vaccination – a substantial saving.

Plus - every pet that takes part in the vaccination amnesty will also be given a veterinary parasite control product free of charge!

With preventable fatal infections still common in dogs and cats of all ages, and vaccination a necessity for most cattery and kennel stays, now is the time to check that your pet’s vaccination record is complete. A booster is also a great time to check your pet’s health and at Woodcroft Vets it’s so much more than ‘just a jab’.

Puppies and kittens receive a primary vaccination course involving two injections to ensure full immunity. Why should further vaccines be needed? Humans don’t need yearly vaccines, why should pets? In actual fact, people may not go for vaccines every year but by the time they are eighteen they will have had four vaccinations against polio, two MMRs  and a variety of other vaccines, some multiple times.

Yearly boosters recommended

Dogs and cats are vaccinated annually because the duration of immunity conferred by each pet vaccine can vary. At Woodcroft Vets, although annual vaccination is strongly recommended, pets aren’t necessarily vaccinated against every disease every year. For example, in dogs immunity against leptospirosis and kennel cough fades very quickly and a yearly booster is required.  Whereas the distemper, parvovirus and hepatitis vaccines are only given every third year. Similarly, cats are vaccinated against enteritis every third year but require a yearly ‘shot’ against flu and leukaemia.

Immunity against disease

Another key consideration when looking at the importance of regular vaccinations is something referred to as ‘herd immunity’. This is the proportion of the population that is vaccinated against a particular disease. When herd immunity is high, the risk of disease is low. Although herd immunity is very high for human diseases, it is much lower for pets, resulting in a higher risk of disease. Sadly, dogs still die from parvovirus - a highly contagious disease that can affect all ages - underlining the importance of regular vaccination. If fewer pets are vaccinated, the risk of disease will increase. 

There is another great advantage to a yearly booster at Woodcroft Vets: all pets get a thorough health check with one of its friendly and professional vets. This health check is an excellent way of detecting problems early, often allowing a more effective treatment to be utilised.

More than ‘just a jab’

A vaccination with Woodcroft Vets is more than ‘just a jab’. Vaccinated pets automatically become members of our Pet Club: membership incorporates a whole range of extra benefits including a free prescription wormer, a free dog lead, a neutering discount, reduced cost parasite packs, vaccination discounts and much, much more! We also offer free urine testing, allowing us to check for certain diseases, and a free microchip, helping reunite you and your pet if they ever get lost. Pet Club members have free unlimited access to our nurse clinics providing all the help you need including nail clips and dental, weight & flea checks.

To book an appointment for your vaccination please call your nearest Woodcroft branch.

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