Our hospital staff can be contacted on 0161 486 2399.

If your pet is hospitalised with us you can be assured they are being cared for by experienced staff to the highest standard. This particularly high standard of care along with the facilities we provide is recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (the official body that regulates the veterinary profession). The RCVS regularly inspects our hospital and has certified our Queens Road Veterinary Hospital as a ‘Tier 3’ practice, the highest accredited rating they can award. This accolade is currently held by less than 170 practices out of over 5000 nationwide. We are also registered with the British Veterinary Hospitals Association.

We are the only practice offering this level of care in Stockport and Wilmslow.

The hospital is staffed 24-7 by dedicated day and night staff – your pet will never be left alone. All patients are examined by an experienced veterinary surgeon at least once daily and more regularly if the clinical signs dictate. In addition, our highly trained nurses perform ward rounds every 2-3 hours. Each ward round allows our nurses to individually assess, and react to, your pet’s needs. Animals experiencing increased levels of discomfort can be treated with appropriate analgesics. Nutritional requirements can be tailored. If appropriate, dogs are exercised. We love to interact with your pet and try to make their hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Some dogs and cats won’t eat if they are not in a familiar environment. Spending time with each patient and hand feeding with cooked chicken & other tasty morsels, helps to get most pets feeling better and eating again. Any ongoing treatments are administered during each ward round.

If your pet is uncomfortable we have the most effective analgesics available. Although strong painkillers are subject to considerable regulation, we feel these drugs are essential for a caring veterinary practice. Through additional and more advanced training we have developed working practices to ensure your pet will remain comfortable.

We have separate dog and cat hospitalisation wards and employ pheromone therapy throughout the hospital to ensure your pet’s stay is as stress free as possible. All patients have their own individual comfortable kennel in a warm quiet environment.

Finally, we understand you will be worried during your pet’s hospital stay. Around lunchtime the hospital vet will contact you by telephone to discuss your pet’s care. As well as your pets veterinary care and progress, we also promise to keep you up to date with all ongoing and anticipated treatment fees.

The hospital vet will not be able to take telephone calls before lunchtime because he or she will be examining and treating the in-patients.  You are welcome to phone after 9am: the night vet provides an overnight report regarding each patient’s progress and this can be relayed via our reception staff. Rest assured our hospitalised patients are continually monitored and treated as if they were our own, with care and personal attention.