To Neuter or Not To Neuter?

We recommend neutering of dogs, cats & rabbits from an early age (often at 6 months of age) for a number of reasons. Entire dogs and cats are more likely to roam increasing the risk of loss, fighting injuries and road traffic accidents. Neutering will prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Please click on the links to the left to find out more information e.g. the specific age at which dogs, cats and rabbits should be neutered. We also have a brand new neutering leaflet (in press).

Our vets will be happy to discuss the subject of neutering with you at any time, but it is generally best to raise the subject early in your pet’s life, such as at the time of the first or second vaccination, or at the free six month health check which we offer for all the puppies and kittens which have a vaccination with us.


Why Choose Woodcroft Vets for your pets neutering operation?

If you decide to have your dog neutered, you can be assured your pet will be in safe hands with our experienced veterinary surgeons & nurses. We routinely use the optimal anaesthetic agents, gold standard anaesthetic monitoring protocols and potent pain killing drugs to make the procedure as painless and as safe as possible.

Laparoscopic spaying of dogs.

To find out more about this advanced, minimally invasive surgical technique contact us or click the link. For a small fee supplement your dog could benefit from reduced pain, faster recovery times and a reduced risk of complications.

Experienced veterinary surgeons.

Rest assured your surgeon will be highly experienced in all neutering procedures.

Approved practice standards.

All practices are accredited by the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme (PSS). This scheme aims to promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care by carrying out regular inspections. Our 7 practices are regularly inspected by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (the governing body which regulates the veterinary profession). This scheme ensures that we have met a range of standards relevant to your your pets operation including strict hygiene, 24-hour emergency cover, staff training, certain types of equipment and cost estimation procedures. This voluntary scheme is not enforced by the RCVS! Indeed, there are some practices that choose not to participate. When choosing a veterinary practice always ensure they have been approved by the PSS. The PSS offers peace of mind to clients of accredited practices and a more informed choice to the animal-owning public.

Gold standard pain relief.

The comfort and welfare of our patients is always extremely important to us, and pain relief is provided before, during and after the procedure. The surgical and suture techniques used are ones which help to minimise discomfort. We use the most effective analgesics available. Although strong painkillers are subject to considerable regulation, we feel these drugs are essential for a caring veterinary practice. Through additional and more advanced training we have developed working practices to ensure your pet will remain comfortable.

All inclusive fees.

Our fees include all surgical fees; advanced anaesthetic monitoring; pre & post operative pain relief; post operative Royal Canin food, an Elizabethan collar (if necessary), a post operative check 3-4 days after the surgery and suture removal.

Early neutering Pet Club discount.

Members of Woodcroft Vets’ Pet Club are entitled to a 20% early neutering discount.

State of the Art Anaesthesia.

We have invested heavily in advanced anaesthetic drugs, training and monitoring equipment (e.g. blood pressure, ECG, capnography and pulse oximetry) to ensure that your pet’s anaesthetic is as safe as possible. Most importantly, all our patients are continually monitored by a trained dedicated anaesthesia nurse. Together with the veterinary surgeon, their only role is to ensure the safety of your pet’s anaesthetic. This level of care is well above the industry standard. For more information, please download our brochure: Pet Owners Guide to Small Animal Anaesthesia at Woodcroft Veterinary Group