Cat friendly practices

The International Cat Care (ICC) and its veterinary division, the International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM), is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through improved feline knowledge.

We are practice members of the ICC and ISFM underlining our commitment and dedication to the care and well being of our feline patients.

“Membership of ICC and ISFM signifies that these practices are keen to increase their knowledge of feline diseases and treatments, and have a real interest in the health and welfare of cats”.

In addition, two of our branches, (Cheadle and Offerton) have been accredited by the ICC/ISFM as ‘Cat Friendly‘ practices. We have taken steps at these branches to ensure they are more friendly and welcoming places for both cats and cat owners. Download our ‘Cat Friendly’ brochure.

Cheadle Veterinary Centre, Offerton Veterinary Centre & Queens Road Veterinary Hospital have separate dog and cat waiting areas, as well as separate dog and cat hospitalisation wards.

Cheadle and Offerton also operate cat only consulting sessions.

Work is currently under way to ensure these services, backed by the ICC/ISFM accreditation scheme, are offered at our larger clinics.

Check our listings:

International Cat Care

International Society for Feline Medicine

ISFM/Purina Cat Friendly Clinic

We are the only practice in South Manchester to offer this accredited standard of care.