Pet Club membership

A vaccination with Woodcroft Vets is much more than “just a jab”.

We include a whole range of extra benefits!

Membership of our exclusive Pet Club is available to all dogs, cats and rabbits that have an up to date annual vaccination provided by Woodcroft Vets.

We provide a free microchip helping reunite you and your pet if they ever get lost. This can be implanted at any time e.g. neutering, vaccination or through one of our nurse clinics.

Pet Club members have free unlimited access to our nurse clinics e.g. nail clips & dental, weight and flea checks.

Dedicated nurse practitioners run clinics at most of our branches*.

Pet club members are entitled to multiple discounts including:

Vaccination discounts – 10% for 2 pets, 15% for 3 pets and 20% for 4 or more pets on all vaccination fees.

25% discount on our initial referred care consultation fees (excludes behavioural and dental).

20% off early neutering including laparoscopic/keyhole spays*.

10% off program flea injections (cats only), helping to protect against fleas.

25% discount on blood screening (mini profile) for all routine dental procedures. Blood screening helps to diagnose certain diseases of concern in the anaesthetic period. Kidney & liver diseases are not uncommon in elderly pets. Ruling out these diseases is important to avoid unexpected anaesthetic problems.

Additional Pet Club benefits* include:

Free urine testing at the time of vaccination*. Particularly useful for middle age & older dogs and cats, allowing us to check for certain diseases e.g. diabetes.

Reduced cost parasite packs, allowing more cost effective flea, worm and lung worm control for your pet. Buy 12 months parasite control for the price of 10, giving 2 months free (specific recommended products only).

Direct insurance claims performed free of charge (conditions apply), taking the stress out claiming from your pet insurer*.

Free introductory canine hydrotherapy session*. If your dog could benefit from hydrotherapy (e.g. arthritis) why not see if he or she enjoys the experience free of charge, before embarking on a course of treatment.

Free Woodcroft Veterinary Group dog lead or cat bowl*.

All of this is included as long as your pet keeps up to date with his or her annual vaccines provided by Woodcroft Vets.

For a quick summary of our Vaccination and Pet Club details please download our handy leaflet – “Benefits of being vaccinated with Woodcroft Vets”

*Terms and conditions apply