What to do in an emergency?

Unfortunately, in  veterinary medicine, emergencies are not uncommon. Please be assured we are on hand, 24/7, to provide all the support you need. If you are worried about your pet at any time, day or night, please feel free to call us. Our experienced veterinary staff are always available to provide free professional advice over the telephone. We will ask you about your pet’s symptoms and advise whether or not your pet needs immediate veterinary attention. Further advice on whether it’s safe to wait to see a veterinary surgeon during routine working hours can be found using our interactive symptom guide. If your pet is injured, in the vast majority of cases he or she will need to be examined by a veterinary surgeon. In this situation, we will be able to treat your pet more efficiently at one of our clinics. In an emergency, house visits are possible. However, they take time to organise and often lead to an unnecessary delay in your pet’s veterinary care. We strongly recommend that, if your pet requires emergency veterinary attention, he or she visits one of our clinics to receive the best veterinary care available. Our clinics are equipped to the highest standards.

Informative image: Interactive Symptom Guide: check how soon your pet may need to see us