Parasite Prevention Advice

As a pet owner, it is important to consider the likelihood that your pet may come into contact with parasites at some point. Have you ever considered the following questions?

  • Is your pet fully protected from worms and fleas?
  • Did you know that more parasites can be found in  the home than on your pet?
  • Were you aware that roundworms can be passed to people (especially young children) i.e. they are “zoonotic” or what that even means to your own health?

We hope that by reading some of the information we’ve listed on these pages, you’ll be fully aware of the most common parasites affecting your pets and how best to treat both them and the home.

Don’t forget that any Pet Club members (all pets who have up to date vaccinations with Woodcroft) can arrange a nurse clinic appointment completely FREE to discuss your pets parasite prevention requirements.

Our FREE nurse clinics are available at Cheadle, Heaton Moor, Offerton and Handforth veterinary centres. Clients that regularly attend Bramhall and Summerfields veterinary clinics are encouraged to take part using one of these alternative clinics.

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Bayer Animal Health commissioned a report to shine a light on parasite hotspots in and around the home. The research was conducted over 1 month and involved 1,534 dog and cat owners. Their panel of experts explain the findings in a fun case study style report!

Watch the Home Invaders investigation in action as they examine a family home!

Have a go at investigating a virtual home for yourself and look for evidence of all those pesky parasites!