The Rescues of Woodcroft Vets

At Woodcroft Vets we often get lots of stray animals brought into our Queens Road Veterinary Hospital in Cheadle Hulme. These animals can range from kittens who have been born in the wild, to older animals that may have been involved in an accident.

If a member of the public should find an injured stray, BEFORE bringing them to us they should FIRST contact the RSPCA. If the RSPCA are unable to help then they will provide a special log-number to help with first aid treatment. Please ensure that you bring this log-number with you when bringing the injured animal to our practice.

If a stray animal is admitted for urgent and immediate first aid treatment at our 24 hour hospital, our priority will be to restore the individual to full health. Whilst a stray pet is in our hospital receiving treatment, we make every effort we can to try and find out if the animal has ever had an owner, which includes advertising in the local papers and on our social media pages. Unfortunately, there are still many animals who do not have a microchip and we are unable to trace their owner. If every effort has been made, and an owner hasn’t come forward, then we will arrange adoption through a local rescue centre who can ensure provision of a suitable, caring, future environment.

  • We are unable to take in any strays that are healthy, but you can find details of the appropriate phone numbers to call on the right hand side.
  • Unfortunatley we cannot provide ongoing details of individuals treatment once they are admitted to our care.
  • We are unable to rehome any strays to members of the public in any circumstances.

We are very fortunate at Woodcroft Vets to have a close relationship with the Animal Sanctuary in Wilmslow, which is run by the Humane Education Society, a charitable organisation working for a more compassionate society through education and practical work with children and animals.

Many of the stray pets that we treat at Woodcroft end up here looking for new forever homes, and we thought you may be interested to hear about some of the wonderful success stories that come from us treating stray pets!

Read some of our success stories!

The Biscuits Kittens

A Happy Ending for Rupert

Useful Contacts for finders of stray pets:

National RSPCA Greater Manchester Hospital – 0300 123 0711

Cats Protection – 03000 121 212

Pets Located –

Stray dogs are the responsibility of your local council

Stockport Dog Warden – 0161 474 4207

High Peak Dog Warden – 0845 129 7777

Animal Wardens (out of hours service) – 0161 297 0268