Hydrotherapy for Pets

Hydrotherapy is a well-recognised form of exercise and rehabilitation. Controlled exercise in water has been used in human medicine for a substantial period of time and in recent years we have seen increasing evidence that it is just as beneficial in animals.

It is suitable even for dogs not keen on water because levels can be adjusted gradually, allowing them to get used to the water. Most dogs really seem to enjoy the exercise, enriching their lives during, what can be a period of exercise restriction and convalescence.

A further beauty of the underwater treadmill is that specific areas and conditions can be treated using a tailored programme for each individual. Altering the speed of the treadmill and the level of water enables us to target specific areas making it ideal for rehabilitation after surgery.

Numerous conditions can benefit from hydrotherapy including arthritis, obesity and it is also extremely useful in rehabilitation following surgery for cruciate ligament disease, fractures, dislocations and spinal surgery. Hydrotherapy is not suitable for dogs in season, those with open wounds or skin infections and dogs with vomiting or diarrhoea.

We offer 3 types of tailored hydrotherapy sessions: fitness, obesity and rehabilitation.

Although lots of dogs like to swim, controlled hydrotherapy with a trained professional is the best way to get the most out of fun in the water. In addition, our Cheadle veterinary centre is CHA approved & inspected.

For more information on fees and what happens at a hydrotherapy session, please contact us at our Cheadle veterinary centre.

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