We recommend insuring your pet against the unexpected.

Recent advances in veterinary treatment can prolong your pet’s life but can be expensive. Unexpected emergency treatment can cost hundreds of pounds and so paying a small monthly insurance premium can cover the costs of unforeseeable veterinary treatment.

Insurances policies vary so be sure to read the small print and cover details carefully before choosing.

Life time policy

A lifetime policy will cover an illness for the length of your pet’s life. This brings peace of mind knowing that your beloved family member is covered for the whole of their life.

12-month Policy

A 12-month policy means that once your pet has had a condition diagnosed, then after 1 year your pet will no longer be covered for that illness. This could be a kidney or heart related illness which could be managed with medication for many years.

There will always be an excess to pay per condition per policy year. This varies with the age and sometimes the breed of your pet.

Here you can download a digital copy of our insurance booklet for more specific details on payments, direct claims and excesses.